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Zorargonj is a village based area with amazing natural beauty under Mirsarai Upa-Zilla of Chittagong district. The Textile Engineering College is situated by the side of the old DT (Dhaka Trunk) Road passing through Zorargonj Bazar. It was established in the year 1911 as a Peri-patetic Weaving School, which was the result of “SHAWDESHI ANDULLON” during the British regime.

It was transferred to the Dewanpur near entry point of Mohuri Project Road in 1960. In 1980 the course of Peri-patetic Weaving School was up-graded to 2-year certificate course in textile technology, which was named as District Textile Institute.

In 1994 a 3-year Diploma course was introduced in this institution under-Bangladesh Technical Education Board to meet-up the growing demand of mid level technologists. Duration of this course was extended to 4-year from 2001.

Considering the high demand of Textile Engineers for the fast growing textile sector, the government has taken necessary steps to introduce 4-year Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering affiliated to the University of Chittagong, abolishing the Textile Diploma Course from the session 2006-2007.


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Admission Going in CCNA & others course

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